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The brand MODULFY is built around the concept of being 'Simplistic, Minimalistic, Aesthetic ': a dedication to create a simplistic design with minimalistic intention that produce great aesthetic result. We are the specialist in all types of flooring ranging from laminate to vinyl to solid timber. 

With more than 12 years of experience in this industry, we constantly strive to train our staff to provide the best flooring solutions to our customers. Our unique products and creative solutions help to achieve challenging designs required by our clients. 

We are also confident in the workmanship of our team of professional installers who deliver nothing but the best installation of our flooring products. 

With a wealth of experience in supplying and installing, our products and services have been well recognized by loyal clients and renowned business partners in multiple industries such as commercial, residential, events, retail, hospitality, etc. 

Floover Loose Lay Antiskid is a revolutionary flooring that doesn’t need other fixation to the subfloor. It makes it is easy and quick to install, perfect for projects for which fast installations are required. Its resistant top layer and great stability makes it suitable for any kind of use, also for high traffic areas. Perfect for homeowner who are looking for premium high quality vinyl floor that gives you the luxurious feel and touch of your floor and at the time ensuring safety and long-lasting comfortable, soft floor for years to come.

Benefits of Loose Lay Antiskid

  • No glue needed (*subject to sub-floor levelness)

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Fire Resistance Certified

  • Sound reduction without underlayment

  • Removable floor -Easy to replace

  • Heavy commercial use

  • 100% Waterproof

Loose lay vinyl planks are a unique product that doesn’t rely on any fasteners, adhesive or even tongue and groove mechanisms to hold themselves in place. These thick vinyl rectangles simply lay in position on a floor, and remain there once installed. Loose Lay vinyl flooring goes down quickly and it relies on friction to remain in place over time. The planks are essentially thick vinyl rectangles with rubber backing that lay flat over a nice smooth surface. Loose lay vinyl floors can be installed over top of existing flooring very rapidly and it’s simple for just about anyone to do. That’s why so many people are interested in this type of flooring and it’s the main reason that loose lay vinyl flooring is popular as well. It’s very simple to understand, and there aren’t many other products out on the market like this type of flooring either.


Floover Wallcovering is available in 4 different supports. Collection with multiples patterns, designs and pictures to combine and match your flooring or furniture. It ́s possible to integrate it with floover flooring decors. Wallpaper produced by Skinwall S.r.L. Italy

Our inspiration comes from basically everything we see and hear. We love to share design insights, art, media and everything from the social networking communities to the brick and mortar books, magazines /or papers.

Woven wallcovering
— Modulfy

Wallcovering is available in 4 different supports. Collection with multiples patterns, designs and pictures to combine and match your flooring or furniture. It´s possible to integrate it with floover flooring decors.

There are 4 types of Wallcovering:
LISCIO: Non-woven fabric one side coated, smooth material
RILIEVO: Embossed coated vinyl on non-woven material
SILK: Textile mural wallcovering non woven fabric coated (silk)
WOVEN: Woven vinyl textile

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